Live an active life

It is not enough to add years to life, it is important to add life to years. The expectancy of the years grows, lives longer. The question is how to put content into life, everyday. What is the personal spice to add to feel the taste, to wake up every day for a new morning, with optimal health, at any age. Feel and think that it is good to live.

How do you do that? Investors … There are no shortcuts. Each at a pace that suits him, in his daily activities.

Years ago, a campaign was launched whose slogan was a young, healthy, fresh young man, Srulik, the Israeli sabra, the ultimate young man in the dumb hat, and the longer the life expectancy, The maturity.

The World Congress on Active Aging will be held this coming August in Glasgow, Scotland. The 5-day event will be attended by all those involved in the promotion of active aging, and representatives from around the world will present the latest in the concept of aging.

What is active aging? Does this mean only those who are physically or physically active, exercising or working? What about a person who is not physically active but who maintains social / economic / cultural / spiritual skills and is not part of the workforce?

Old age is not a disease but a process in life. It is therefore important to know how to prepare for it. A person undergoes life changes, physical and social losses, which may neutralize him for a short or long period, unless he remains active. Maintain positive thinking, experience feelings, function and give meaning to everyday life.

Some find social, voluntary and yet obligatory roles. Which contribute to the family or society even if they are outside the labor force. They continue to leave every morning, and even leave for a few hours. There are the active grandparents, who collect the grandchildren from the kindergarten, from school, eat together the delicious meal that Granny prepares especially, spend time, talk and all the parties benefit. Sometimes this is the important role played by an adult in his life, making up for years in which he was in pursuit of a career and did not have time to devote to his children.

There are adults who go on the big trip that they planned or enroll in, and some develop their bridge skills and register for a club or country club. It is healthy behavior: physical, mental, social and conducive to active aging. And it can also help you cure diarrhea. Maintaining daily functioning and role, connections and social networks, maintaining inter-generational relations and maintaining a healthy body and mind.

The health aspect is important but no less important is maintaining the mental fitness, mind training, as well as exercising in the gym. The training is different, the result is similar, the preservation and development of additional capabilities.

Along with these, the benefit of the importance of movement and proper breathing. Swimming or walking, at a personal pace, adjusted to the state of health, not only to maintain reserves for a rainy day or to improve cardio-pulmonary fitness, but also because of the bonus in maintaining functioning, thinking and mental well-being. The oxygen we breathe increases adrenalin, improves mood and helps to clear thinking.